Script is the first inscription protocol on OORT

Script is a brand new inscription protocol, A secure, decentralized, economical and practical platform.

Script is not a blockchain.

It is a new way of thinking about and using blockchain. It is no longer combined with smart contracts, we capture information through indexes. All script data is then stored on the blockchain.

The idea of script

Smart contracts waste a lot of resources to a certain extent. Through the script protocol, we can save more resources to complete what smart contracts can do.

How to use

Let’s start the magical journey of exploring scripts together


Deploy your tokens faster and better without smart contracts


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favorite tokens


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Compare the advantages of smart contracts

We all know that smart contracts have ownership, and the deployer can modify everything in the smart contract through permissions, including the issuance of tokens. Blacklist the holder. This is extremely unfriendly to the blockchain and violates the original intention of token design.

Script can better solve the problem of holding back caused by smart contracts and save transaction costs. At the same time, because there is no smart contract, it is better to achieve decentralization. In our opinion, smart contract is a centralized parameter, and the script protocol will lead to a new blockchain era.

01. inscription

No authorization is required, inscription operations can be completed using the main currency transfer record, safe and reliable functions: deployment, mint, transfer

06. Deployment

The deployment of script does not require traditional smart contracts and can deploy tokens more quickly.

05. Mint

The script will provide related token minting functions.

02. Trade

Completely decentralized on-chain transactions make order placing, order cancellation, and transactions simpler and safer.

03. Convert

Convert inscriptions and tokens to and from each other as you wish: Token conversion, NFT conversion

04. Bridge

All chains in script’s protocol ecosystem are interoperable and can easily cross chains.